Frags Available Aug 25

These photos were taken on Aug 25th. The photos were taken with an old 20K bulb. I took the white

balance of my digital camera into the red, no flash and the colors are very accurate to the way

the corals appear in person.


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Blue Tip Yellow Acro

This is a really nice bright yellow acro with tip that came in purple but have turned blue. It was growing in a nice round table shape.

Blue Tip Stag

This shot was taken under 20k but the white balance was adjusted this is the actual color -- The polyps at the tips are blue.

Monti Danae

This is a nice bright green the polyps are blue.

Monti Danae 2

Another frag of the Monti Danae

Golden Birdsnest

This stuff does much better in low light or even shaded. It is a pretty golden color -- Like southern fried chicken.

The Grand Stag

This piece is still coloring back up - This is what I call my grand stag -- The branches are green and not the tips, but the top inch to 2inches of each branch is purple -- Amazing center piece.

Grand Stag 2

Another shot of the grand stag - This is under 250w HQI 10K AB

Green Acro

One of the Green Acro Frags

Green Loripes

Got this one recently -- Is it a Green Loripes ?

Unknown Light Lavendar Acros

This piece has a purple luminesence over a white tissue -- Very striking coral.

New Purp Acro Colony

Purple Acro

This is an awesome purple acro - It has thick branches, amazing color, likes high light. Some people think it's a purple monster -- I keep saying no way -- But some people just want anything purple to be a monster.

Purple Acro -

Short stubby acro, This is a nice purple cause the purple is on the axialites and the branches are white underneath which gives it good contrast

Purple Tip Acro

This is a neat Acro - Cause the purple is not just at the very tip but it goes down up to an inch from the tip. The branches have a manilla color, but the axialites are black making a nice contrast

Some Cool Acro with Purp Tips

Bustin Robusta

This is a really nice Stag, it normally looks brown - But the tips rather than having a single point of blue color the heads are mushroomed and have lots of purple/blue heads

Stag Frags

These are the frags of some of my stags

Tree Acro

This is a neat Acro - The branches are fat and misshapen (Like ME !!!) But this has a neat set of hue colors to it.

Tri-Color Colony

Turquoise Bennet Stag

This is a colony from Shawn Bennets purple tip stag. In my system it turned Turquiose about 5 months ago and has kept the color

Yellow Loripes

I don't know what it is but it's pretty


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