Tank Specifics: This is a 135 Gallon system that was established in 1989. The Tank has an overflow 
box built into the left corner. I custom built an acrylic shelf that runs the length of the tank and is 10" tall 
under the live rock. Through the back of the tank is plumbed a lifeguard canister filter with a Lifeguard
QuietOne Pump. The overflow box contains bioballs and runs into a 30gallon sump in the stand. 
The sump also is full of bio-balls and an Oceanic Pro Skimmer. From the Sump the one Lifeguard 
QuietOne Pump returns the water through a hard plumbed 1" line that runs to a 1" automatic ball valve. 
This valve switches the return flow from the left to the right side of the tank every 15 minutes. The second 
Lifeguard QuietOne pump returns most of the water to the tank through the chiller and then through the top 
of the tank returning to the bottom left of the tank. Part of the return goes through a Seastorm 300 Fluidized 
Sand Bed which then returns back to the sump tank.
The lighting system is a multi-stage system. It starts with a single halogen spot, then a second, then turns on
2 48" actinics, then an additional 2 48" actinics and 2 48" vita lites. Then after all the flourescent have been 
for about 5 hours a single 175 halide turns on which has been mounted perpindicular to the flourescent tubes.
The Halide then mechanically travels 36" across the tank to simulate the movement of the sun. After than the
lights begin to shut off in sequence till just a single moon light is on.
The base filtration of the tank is over 350lbs of Tonga live rock

    Close up of Some of the Mushrooms and Polyps


                Meet some of the Fish



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