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Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm).      On Friday February 15, 2002, Bisous finally got her first shot at becoming an actress. I mean everyone knows the "other" Griffon, so finally Bisous get's to make a run at being the next Benji. Thanks to our friend Milissa, Bisous got the chance to be in a Miller Genuine Draft commercial which was shot on Hollywood and Highland. Originally she was supposed to walk with the model. But when the director met her he wanted to make sure she was seen. So they switched the scene to make sure that Bisous face was clearly in the shot.


     Here are a couple of more shots of Bisous in the arms of the model. The model is from Europe and named "Childra". In the commercial the camera will be panning from a Black Mustang driving down Hollywood Blvd with 3 guys inside eyeing the Girl and the cute little dog.





        Here are some pictures of the crew required to get a little shot of Bisous. In the first shot you can see the stars down Hollywood Blvd. I wonder how long till Bisous earns her star.



























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