Bijoux- In Memory

       This page is in honor of Bijoux. Bijoux was my first Brussels Griffon. Bred by Robin Fee, locally in Los Angeles. After waiting over a year for my first puppy, I was present the night that Robin had two litters of Griffs within hours of each hour and within days of the birth of her own daughter.

      These photographs were taken during the first few weeks of her life. Sadly, on my 30th birthday, Bijoux had an unfortunate accident and left us prematurely. She was an adorable little puppy and will never be forgotten.

Cute Puppy with her first fashion statement

My what big hands Dave Has

Bijoux with Jack

Trying to teach Bijoux to sit in the palm on my hand

First Steps are Always a bitch

Bijoux in the hands of a happy Tara, mommy

Little Puppy in Big Dad's Hands

11/06/2002 -Last Edited

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