Hawaii Marathon

On Mothers Day 2002, while enjoying a family brunch, Kim said she was going to run a marathon in Hawaii, so that she could get a free trip to Hawaii. Being her even supportive big brother, I laughed my ass off. I told her, if she got into shape to run this marathon I would get the family to go and support. So as I write this text and build these pages at 3am the day before the race, from a hotel room with the most fantastic view of the beach of Waikiki, all I can say is, Boctor you sure showed me!! I will spend all week in the Hawaii with my foot in my mouth. And for those of you that Kim haven't spent time with Kim and I, Boctor is not a typo it's my nickname for my Lil Sis the Doctor. Its' not uncommon to hear me yell at her ... Bock Bock Bock


And Bock -- Your bro is so proud of you. Even if he has to go all the way to Hawaii to tell you.




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