The Invite
Roses are Red and Violets are Blue,
Surprise parties are always fun to do.

Rita is having a BIG Birthday this year,
I want you to come and celebrate with MY DEAR!

The date is early, November 23, 2002,
This really should fool her or boo hoo.

The Botwin House is the starting place,
Where we want to see your Happy Face.

Choose carefully what you wear,
This night will be a fancy affair.

The Rules are simple, do not go inside,
Wait for David or Kim to be your guide.

Please be on time - our schedule will be tight
Don't make other plans, this will be a late night!

You must arrive between 5:15 and 5:30 pm, don't be late,
If you are late, you will NOT be able to celebrate!

Your dinner choices are also included,
RSVP your desires so you will not be excluded.

To be part of this event you MUST RSVP in quick time,
Before November 15 or this is a waste of my rhyme.
When RSVP'ing Please email your Entree Choice:
    a) Prime Rib (Med/Rare or Well Done)
    b) Chicken Florentine
    c) Salmon Dill Buerre Blanc
    d) Chef's Pasta with Chicken (Avail w/o chicken)
Do not contact Ron or Rita regarding this (Duhh)!!!
 Please RSVP
or Call Dave @ (818) 789-4739


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