This was a really fun project. I started by painting the entire room white. Then

with the help of my friend Calle we sponge painted the walls on either side of the fireplace.

Then I cut out the wall/mantle above the fireplace and illuminated it on the inside. I then

recess mounted colored stones into the fireplace that shine the light through in Blues, Greens

and Purples. The pictures don't do the colors justice and at night the wall is very impressive.

In the alcove in the center I have started my collection of Swarovski and Murano fish.

     And underneath the mantle is the project that has been the most frustrating. A work in progress

since August of 2000 this tile mosaic is my idea and has all been done by me. Keep touch on this page

to see how it turns out.


Click on these pictures to see a larger version with alot more detail