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     As of November 2002, I have gotten back into my reef tank. With the help of my friend Ken, and some new found reef friends from the various reef boards I have revitalized my tank and started keeping SPS frags. For those not into reef terms, SPS corals are the living version of those bleached corals seen so often as Aquarium decorations, and on coffee tables as artistic deco.  So what do you do to a 14 year old reef system to kick start your hobby addiction.

    Step 1 was some new lighting. I upgraded the 175w Halide, with new dual electronic halide ballasts and new bulbs.

    Step 2 was some additives. My buddy, Ken stopped by and recommended the Lugol's Iodine Solution and Salifert All In One. I am delighted by the surprises in my tank. Within several weeks of starting this treatment I was surprised to find mushrooms that had been invisible for years exploding out of the rocks.

    Step 3 - Get some SPS - With the help of "Anemone" off Reef Central, and "Pucci" of Reef Aquarium Guides, my first SPS frags were give as gifts. I give Pucci, Carlos, big thanks for not only an incredible set of first corals, but also for his time and patience in eductating me. Not only does he have a fantastic tank, but he has the time to teach all about it.

    Step 4 - Time to start thinking bigger - Granted my tank had been running and been successful for a long time, but with the increase of lighting, the chiller was running in the house just too much. Then with the addition of a Calcium Reactor, From Hawkdll, the area around my aquarium was looking cluttered, unkempt and had gotten loud. So I got decided I wanted a bigger tank. But before leaping for the bigger tank, I wanted to make sure things were going to work well and flourish.

     So I traded a spare Quiet One Pump for a used 100gal Acrylic tank. I built 4 baffles into the sump and created a 24g refugium. I bought a Dolphin Ampmaster pump. I then built a platform on the patio outside my house and have plumbed everything outside. Now the only noise inside my house is the chatter of Rio Pumps on the wavemaker. Tank Filtration now consists of: 350lbs of Tonga live rock, 4" Deep Sand Bed in the main tank. The First Stage of the sump has a 6" DSB.  I am running a Euro-Reef GS6 Skimmer, currently on loan from Carlos, The Refugium is supplied water from the return line from the main tank. The refugium has a 5" DSB, 50lbs of Fiji Rock and a collection of Algaes. My SeaStorm fluidized bed is sitting on top of the sump currently, I intend to remove it in the future. My 75 GPD RO system, is plumbed to a float switch and is solenoid activated. My 1/2 hp chiller is plumbed using the overflow line from the tank, so no pump pressure, or heat is used on the chiller. The Calcium Reactor is currently being powered by a small Rio, but I am hoping to power it using the overflow as well. I purchased a Dolphin Ampmaster 3000. Using about 30% of it's flow to the tank, the rest recirculates through the sump.



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