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                                             Fish have always been a big part of my life. When I was a wee lad my dad has Oscars. Then my dad had a bad run of luck exploring Salt Water Aquariums. When I was 7 we moved to Huntington Harbor to a house on the water. The Salt water tank got moved outside the house and catching things off the dock became much more successful. My first tank on my own was a 20g tank I inherited from my grandparents. After that my bar mitzvah present was a 60 gallon tall aquarium. In grade school I did both my science fair projects using tropical fish. My experiment in creating a sealed eco-system went all the way to the California State Science Fair. Through high school I stayed freshwater. My first job was in a tropical fish store in high school. Then another tropical fish store during college, and the I got a little too far into the business. Currently at my home I have my 125 Reef, a 300 Salt Fish Only, a 30g Sea Horse Refugium, a 150g saltwater outside pond (aka the swamp) and a 400g Koi pond.


        This is my 125 Gallon Reef tank - This tank was established in 1989 click on the 

tank to go to a page with more details and more pictures on this tank.



                       This is my Koi Pond / Water garden it now is home to about 40 koi most

of which were raised from my parents koi.



     This is the 300 gallon show tank in the entrance way of the house  Click on the 

left photo to see some of this tanks more popular inhabitants.




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