First Encounters -- Bisous Holds Her Ground

This picture is deceiving, because the Tortoise is quite a bit larger than Bisous

This is Tina. Tina has raised the Tortoises for the past several years.

Tina, has given me the opportunity to adopt these two tortoises so that she can pursue breeding her other tortoises. Tina's house is filled with a huge accumulation of pets that makes my home look sane.

Tina, the proud mommy says goodbye to her kids.

Kayla takes the first sniff

Poor Kayla. Not the most emotionally stable puppy to begin with. Kayla has spent numerous hours outside barking at these guys. They don't seem to mind her none and just walk on past.

Boug gives Kayla a reassuring bark

What's Cuter? A Turtle's Neck or Bisous's Ass ?

So the dogs didn't want to sit still for a pic with the Tortoises

If at first your don't succeed just grab your Griffs and Force them to be cute.

Bisous is a little less intimidated after a few minutes

Still missing one lost child

This picture is missing one of my key kids, Mordechai. Mordechai my macaw has an incredible fear of dinosaurs and now tortoises. I don't know if anyone can explain his terror. But Mordechai will not get near these two.


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