Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm).   Can you believe this little monster weighs 4 lbs


  Look at my lil kids curled up so darn cute. 
    Now look  how cute Kayla and Bisous are.... Kayla is Bisous sister who lives with us. (Kayla is wearing the red harness)















     Now Lil Zuu is in bed with Pavia the Pug and Boug --- Damn the lil girl get's around





Look who is sneaking out from under the covers with Boug this time.

















      Can you find the toy in this puppy bed... And for those that are curious a point of fact is that my puppies have 9 beds throughout the house. Of course at night they sleep with me in the big bed. But they have a bed in all the other areas of the house that I hang out in.




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