Meet Bourgeois (Boojwaa)... This adorable little man is a purebred black and tan rough coat Brussels Griffon from Cheryl Stevens. He was born  November 3 of 1998. He weighs a whopping 8.5 lbs. This little man is spoiled beyond belief. He has full run of the house, 8 beds, 3 water dishes and over a hundred toys. Does he sleep in the bed? Do you have to ask.... 

     Boug is remarkably obedient, and an excellent companion dog. He is very compatible  to live with. He makes no noise, he doesn't shed, and barring rain and cold weather is mostly housebroken (he's quite spoiled). He loves other dogs and after a long wait (over a year) I finally found him a itty bitty companion (Bisous)


You can email Boug or send him questions at

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