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     Okay... So I can admit I have some eccentricities. But what can you do when your habits get to big -- Customize of course!!!

       I got a little out of hand with my stereo system. It took up more than 2 stereo cabinets. So when I remodeled my kitchen I made an alcove to have the stereo system built into the wall.

      Middle Atlantic  custom made the 8 foot tall rack mount unit. The rack has a pair of legs that extend out so that the entire stereo system slides out of the wall for easy access, even for me, behind it.

      And what may you ask does this phallus of male electronic desire do? Well, the system provides music to the entire house. Rooms have volume controls, keypads, and IR support. The system provides music to 12 paris of speakers in the house including the front yard, entrance-way and back yard.

     The system provides private video throughout the entire house. From any TV in the house you can view the security cameras, watch the TIVO system, watch the Satellite system or choose a movie from the Sony 300 Disc DVD player, or listen to the CD jukebox. The jukebox is a system that is accessible from any television in the house. From laptops running on wireless ethernet, you can choose a CD or create a list of music and tell it what room to play on.

     The next step is to make the jukebox web accessible so my friends can borrow my music at will.     



This is what I started out with.



Then everything had to be moved out of the way to start playing with the Sawz-All.




Then it was time to frame the opening and make a big mess in the living room.




Then it was time to mount the rack into the wall and level the unit.



I then mounted all the equipment in the rack. Some are in rack mount adapters. Some on shelves.




And Finally everything was carefully slid back into the wall. And would you believe everything worked...

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